The long awaited New Year celebration has come and gone. Maximum people amongst us were lucky enough to spend quality time with our friends & family, party within our groups and eat delicious food. Although we realize that ‘all good things must come to an end’, fortunately web conferencing services (I strong recommend using GoTo meetng. Read review of goto meeting here & other web conferencing tool reviews here) has provided many reasons for businesses to be thankful.

Previously, business executives were not comfortable of conducting online meetings. Reason being that initial meeting services were just not up to the mark. Users faced bad streaming quality, lack of any presentation features, non-existence of proper collaboration between attendees and time consuming meeting setup.

Fortunately, web conferencing technology has made dramatic improvements from where it was once when it first appeared in the market. These enhancements and improvements have greatly helped to increase web conferencing popularity in corporate environment. It has also made it the next best solution to face-to-face meetings. Today, web conferencing companies offer flexibility and cost savings that allows companies to increase their operational productivity and reduce overhead expenditures. Countless number of business executives are opting for online meeting as it provides high-quality communication, instant collaboration and flexibility to spend time in the location of their choice.

Let us see the top 5 features to be thankful for:

#1: Streamlined & Easy Meeting Setup

Meeting organizer can schedule and invite attendees to join web conference with 1-click setup. Meeting notification can also be shared on participants’ Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar.

#2: Dial-out

Leading web conferencing provider such as GoToMeeting has made setting up & joining a meeting extremely easy. Subsequent to clicking on the URL to join, attendees are prompted for their secure username and password. Once details are confirmed, participants get connected to the meeting.

#3: Documents and desktop sharing

Whether you are presenting in a meeting, taking down notes or collaborating on a document, web conferences’ collaboration & annotation tools helps you to do your work effectively. Its collaboration tools help attendees to transfer documents amongst themselves; also the presentation tools add upon visual cues to the meeting. Many solutions also offer the ability to pass control of the meeting or even your desktop to another attendee.

#4: Validate your audience

Organizer has privilege to allow only legit attendees to join the conference. Whether you are organizing an audio conference call or a web conference, your attendees must confirm their authenticity by entering a secure username and password. Also, there are multiple features that allow organizer to know who has joined the conference and if required their connection can be disconnected.

#5: Mute attendees

If you are familiar with video conferencing calls, chances are that you have experienced a call where there was an attendee with such a distracting background noise that it made almost impossible to concentrate on the meeting agenda. With the facility of muting the attendees, organizer can easily avoid any inconvenience and keep your participants engaged in the meeting.