If you wish to have a mobile app for your online store, then Magento mobile app will surely help you out. This mobile app provides your target audience and even existing customer to access your store conveniently.

What is Magento?

Recently, Magento has been acquiring a lot of attention in the online business world. Many claims that Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today and trusted by the world’s leading brands. Magento is a powerful open-source ecommerce platform. Furthermore, it offers a complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of your ecommerce store.

Why Mobile App?

Choosing between a mobile app and a mobile website really requires a careful consideration. But for many, a mobile app is the best way to engage your customers while giving them the comfort they need. According to Compuware’s research study, 85% of participants said they prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. The most common reasons for their preference is that apps are more convenient, faster and easier to browse.

Once downloaded, apps are then used frequently by users if they are in good value. This increases user’s interaction time. Also, apps allows store owners to analyze the behavior of their users.

How to Build your Magento Mobile App

There are various options to choose from when building your Magento Mobile App. First, you can purchase a Magento application key, enrolling into the iOS Developer program, and provide Magento with your iOS account username and password. The Magento team will do the work for you. You will then select which devices you want your app to run on, do you like it in the iOS devices or Android devices? If you prefer to have it in the app store, then Magento will take charge of getting the app there and complete any necessary work. However, this option may cost you as you need to pay for the setup and a recurring monthly or annual fee for the maintenance.

Second, is to make your own app from scratch. This may be way cheaper than having the Magento team work for you but the downside is that, there could be bugs that just won’t get out of your way. Building your own mobile app from scratch requires hardcore programming skills and they often require a lot of time. Fortunately, you can employ some services that makes this things easy for you.

Lastly, is to use the responsive Magento theme. A version of your storefront tailored specially for mobile devices could substitute for a native custom built app. From the point of view of a mobile user, there is little functional difference between hunting for an app and calling up the web browser to go to your mobile version of the website.


Magento provides the needs of an ecommerce site without really hurting your budget. Although there are thousands of apps out there, making your app noticeably unique and striking ensure that your online store will be a great success.