The introduction of CSS3 provides countless possibilities and usability to many web designers. Both HTML5 and CSS3 provide a modernized designing and development to many small and large businesses.

Pros of CSS3

Since the introduction of CSS3, adding and removing something in a website becomes more convenient. CSS3 has its own feature that makes web pages look awesome. One of the most obvious advantages of CSS3 is the convenience it provides in the design process. Meaningless div’s to round the border of your buttons are eliminated. There are no more Javascript of flash files for showing animations, scaling or rotating images. Because of CSS3, HTML and Javascript are reduced which means it has less byte to download. Also, it lessens the use of Flash files, which allows your page to download faster. Another big thing about CSS3 is that, websites have higher chances of ranking on search engines. Basically, search engines find it difficult to read images of flash files but does great on reading real text on your website. Having great content will not only increase your chances of getting more visitors but also provides you higher possibilities of ranking on search engines, particularly Google.

Cons of CSS3

Although the possibilities of CSS3 are quite overwhelming, it has also its drawbacks. The development of CSS3 is still an on-going process which means compatibility with older browsers and even new ones is still occurring. Modules are not well integrated and properties have not reached a mature syntax, so you will need to use prefixes like moz and webkit. Just like anything offered to you, the cons will always gets you excited while the cons is something that could take away the excitement. So, if you choose to use CSS3 for your website then you need to know the status for that property’s support and decide how to handle its drawbacks.

Inspiring CSS3 Animated Menus

Animation Menus

Take your menus to the next level with this menu animation.


Battlefield CSS3


Battlefield CSS3 is a flash animation with tons of explosions and gunshots.



CSS Dock


This menu tries to mimic the Mac OS X’s dock that runs very smooth.



Hover Effects


Hover over a thumbnail and experience the amazing effects with CSS3 transitions.



Morphing Cubes


A CSS 3D transforms that allows you to positions elements on the page in three-dimensional space.



Slide Down Box Menu with JQuery and CSS3


A sleek sliding box navigation that makes your website more appealing.



CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu


A simple CSS3 based navigation menu that adds a simple yet elegant look to your site.


Whirling CSS3 Dropdown Menu


This animation gives a unique effect to your dropdown menu. Simply hover on the upper menu items and the submenu items appear whirling.



Kick-Butt CSS3 Mega Drop-down Menu


Learn how to create a mega menu to take advantage of displaying tons of content while keeping a simple, clean layout.




CSS3 is a gives you the authority to create an appealing and effective website when you take away the cons and focus on its features.