Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open-source CMS that took advantage of MySQL and Zend PHP databases. Magento is a very functional and efficient ecommerce platform for many large businesses. Although magento is too complex for many small businesses. The platform is highly customizable which enables merchants or business owner to get the look and feel of their website that they desire. Magento has gained its reputation to be the most reliable online shopping cart website owners considering the Return of Investment it generates.

With the rapid growth of Smartphone and tablet users, online shopping has become a trend. Statistics shows that users spend more time using there smartphones. If you want to drive traffic to your website and increase your sales then going mobile is the effective solution for you.

magento mobile appWhen it comes to revenue, the iOS platform gives you a bang for a buck. Although the Android has bigger community, the iPhone users are more willing to spend their money on purchases at the app store. The iPhone theme automatically detects the device that the user is using. With the new theme, iPhone users are offered the convenience of online shopping. The theme has a user-friendly navigation, multipage support, large UI elements, and newsletter subscription from the homepage. Furthermore, it offers the ease of use for shopping cart with a complete checkout process.

Moreover, the theme features the following:

  • Accessibility

  • Smart browsing

  • Ease of searching

  • Instant add to cart

  • Improved check out layout

  • Increased text and forms

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Device rotation support

  • Easy to customize design and layout

  • Resolution independence

  • iOS6 support

  • Windows Phone Support

  • Can be installed on subdomain

  • Multistore support

  • Magento enterprise compatible

  • Android compatible

  • Blackberry OS 6+ compatible

  • Point and rewards integration

  • Subscription and recurring payments integration

  • Booking and reservations integration

  • Google analytics account for mobile view

  • PE compatibility

  • Quick 2-minute installation

  • 100% open source

  • 15 day money back guarantee

  • Free updates during support period